Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Quotations And Sayings.

      A boy's will is the wind's will. (A proverb from Lapland).

   In my opinion, this proverb means that if someone wants something very much, the universe conspires to help them. I totally agree with this, since I also firmly believe that if you do your best to achieve something that really matters to you, in some mysterious way you finally get it, after you have overcome many difficulties of cource. To sum up, if you have a dream, try hard to fulfill it and never give up.

                                                  Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για try hard and don't give up

Quote of Ellen Glasgow Opinion

Quote: "The older I grow, the more firmly I believe that the few joys of childhood are the best that life has to give."
Because of my age I can't really say if it's true or not, however I believe that every age has it's joys but they just differ from age to age.Being older can have it's perks as well as being young but everything also depends on where the person is living.In some places kids are very restricted and humiliated with child labor whereas in other places children have an awesome and carefree childhood.Moreover adults have the freedom to move to another place and build their own lives, even though they have to pay for themselves and take responsibility for all their actions.
In conclusion I would say that I disagree with this quote but I don't know if I change my mind as I grow older.

Quotations and Sayings

  The older I grow, the more firmly I believe that the few joys of childhood are the best that life has to give.

I firmly believe in that statement  because in childhood,  youngers have a great deal of leisure time. For ιinstance, they can listen to music, spend some time on computer games and generally satisfy most of their wills if they are not banned. However,  there are some restrictions that offspring have to follow,  such as not wear make up at school,  stay up late at night,  so there is not enough freedom and that makes them fly into a rage. Being an adult has many advantages,  like going on trips, hanging out till late night and generally spending their time based on their tastes. Although olders can do things easier, being one of them has some drawbacks to. First of all, they have many obligations,  also they have to work to satisfy their needs. So,  taking everything into consideration,  both steps of our ages have different pros and cons each one and we should try to joy every of them,  but beacause childhood never gonna happen again in your life try to pass this time like tomorrow doesn't exist.


Quotation explanation/opinion

 A young twig can be bent,but not an old branch. -Origin unknown

What I understood from this quotation was that the older you grow the more wisdom you accumulate so your mind is stronger than it was before,when you were a young man (young twig),therefore you get more knowledge as you grow up so it is harder for someone to tell you lies or to brain wash you.Additionally,I believe that the young twig stands for your younger ''weak'' self and the old branch for your older empowered with wisdom self.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My favourite proverb

 A young twig can be bent, but not an old branch.
-Origin Unknown

This quote compares a twig to young people that face difficulties and give up.But it also compares a branch to old people that don't kneel because they know how difficult it is to work as hard as you can to achieve your dreams.As well older people have lived more years and have a better experience.At the beginning young people might be powerless and not completely concentrate in what they want to do, but as time passes by they get more mature and develop their minds.

Saturday, 7 May 2016


What an amazing experience we all had! All students were quick to produce arguments regarding the topic on the screen in order to help their team win points. The topics varied from human cloning to fossil fuel combustion, which resulted in a truly heated debate! The team called the Dark Side of the Force won this time, but who knows what the future holds for the Light Side in our next debates. This speaking activity is strongly suggested for all exam classes, in which students are asked to generate ideas on a number of thorny issues, not only in the speaking part, but also in the writing section of the exams.

The slides we used:

Friday, 8 April 2016


C2-level group update: Studying word roots and beautifully visualizing them. 

More details on Latin and Greek roots and their meanings: 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

GM crops

         Nowadays, with the technological advances it is easier for scientists to increase food production by altering the genes of basic foods. Proponents of this issue usually claim that it is the only alternative to remedy hunger which torments all the world. However, opponents of this issue doubt whether the benefits are worth the possibly disastrous consequences of interfering with nature. Personally, I believe that this is an ambivalent plan and many parameters should be considered to reach a final conclusion.
         To begin with, suporters of GM crops claim that with them we can face the essential problem of malnutrition and hunger. A huge amount of people are starving and the list of these people keeps rising. Due to this, proponents of genetic modified crops believe that is the only solution to this problem. Their opinion is mostly based on predictions that were made saying that the following years more than four billion people will starve and that our planet does not have the necessary land which we will need to feed everyone.
         On the other hand, GM foods are usually a subject of protests in which many organizations and opponents of them take part. The key areas of these protests are not only the effects of GM crops on human health but also on environment. Many people argue that not enough tests have been done to identify the long-term effects of GM food on our health. Some of them fear that certain GM crops may cause health problems ranging from allergies to kidney and liver damage. Only if this is true, will a vast majority of people be opposed to it. Furthermore, another reason for critisizing this new crops is that for some people it is unethical to tamper with the DNA of organisms even if we talk about humans' DNA or vegetables'. Last but not least, hunger and famine can, and often do, occur when food is abundant. People go hungry either because they cannot afford food or because they do not have access to land which they could grow themselves.
          Takig everything into consideration, I am inclined to maintain that genetic modified crops  should not be used until more researches are done in order to see the effects they have on humanity's health and also on our environment, No sooner will more researches have been done than more people will accept GM crops and, as a consequence, hunger and malnutrition will be surpassed.

Parents who push their children to succeed

          Many parents every day press down on their children to succeed in several things, such as, sports, musical instruments, singing etc. Most of them claim that children are not mature enough to make choices about their life. However, others argue that this strategy is not right for children because they cannot have the freedom of choice and that they may be indecisive in the future. Every coin has two sides and so does this problem.
          First of all, a large amount of people claim that they know how to protect their kids and what is best for them, so they try to help them. Parents believe that they have the charge to navigate their children on the correct road. Moreover, children's unawareness of life habits and immaturity usually make them make decisions which they regret afterwards.
         On the other side, problems in future life, like, inability to decide which is the best option or never discover a talent, are possible. Parents usually have the tendency or even insist on their children to do whatever they did not do when they were young. In this way, they pressure kids into making wishes and dreams, that parents had, come true. Consequently, parents should help children find the road but children have to choose the journey and the destination. Also, as a result of this, children will recognise the importance of personal decisions and setting goals. Furthermore, pressure by parents may make it difficult for the child to explore his talents. We should not forget that there is a possibility that someone may have a huge talent in musical instruments, for example, guitar and he may never know it because parents told him to go swimming. In such a way their dreams may never come true. Last but not least, if parents want their child to be one of the best and most successful person, they should talk to him about the importance of fair play. Otherwise, he will have rivalry with his classmates or colleagues,
         Taking everything into consideration, my firm belief is that children have mainly the responsibility of their choices according to their skills and character. Parents should not inflict their choices on their children but they should hear and accept their childrens' decisions.